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A Fine Degree of

My Opinion

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A Fine Degree of

My Opinion

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Tomato 1

My Opinion?


          This web log is something I am very new to, having read few and participated in none before this. The purpose if I understand correctly of this log is to express oneself and to assist others when able or needed, to pass the wisdom and experiences of your life and existence up to this stage, and be able to express your opinions of what you perceive in any given subject without opposition, and also a way to acquire knowledge that otherwise you would have to experience through the school of hard knocks. To be collective to the thoughts and needs of others, to be “Friends”. This path that I have followed through life is very different and unique compared to anyone else’s, the perspectives, Knowledge, the trials and tribulations I have experienced cannot be repeated in anothers mind, because of the unique individuality of each person.

                We can each experience the same situation in life, but perceive a different lesson, outcome, information from that experience. We are unique in that aspect, We are totally individuals of mind, spirit, and perception. What I see, is going to be different than what you see. With this web log and the communities I enter, I ask the question “ What can I contribute?” a simple but productive thought, I hope. I have to consider “Integrity” -  Being what I say I am, by acting in accordance with my words. Tony Robbins said that the “Compression of time is the secret to everything”.  But I feel that even though you may accomplish more, you may be missing life experiences and lessons. Time Compression – a wonderful thought if you’r bored.


                To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace. ~Milan Kundera


                 If anyone has thoughts for me and this log or if I am perceiving this in the wrong attitude, please I love constructive criticism or any help what so ever. This is a Polish American Hillbilly from Tennessee. Response’s are respected.

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